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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Love Life ain't Love Story

A sad thing happened to a friend of mine, just showed me that real love life is not what is it described in the movies.

In the movies.. everything went so perfect, they're meant to be together.

But in real life.. hard work is needed to make the relationship works. That's why I strongly disagree the term that one person is meant for another. It is not true.. each party has to do some extend of work if they want to maintain the relationship. There will always be some gravels, stones, slopes down and turning around, and even going no-where. The relationship is there because the person involved in it want it to go.

So when I whined to my friend that I do want some cheesy romatic scenes..those which are sweet and hearts-melting.."like the ones in the movies", she simply replied back to me.."darling.. those romantic movies... you should watch till the end..after the credit title.. everything bad will be revealed".

So, yeap, having somebody for you is not how you change that person to be as you wish..but to adapt yourself and your other-half to be 1 full-better-person.

Switch off the movie and enjoy your real love life with all the shitty parts!


Blue bike with red lock

Sepeda baruku
berwarna biru
dengan gembok merah
hasil paket murah meriah
kalau berjalan bunyi keriat keriut
kayak nenek kena sakit otot
satu hal bikin aku sebal bah
belum apa apa setang udah mencong sebelah!



I don't want to work!
I am sick of it.. I am sick of everything!
Why can't I wake up late and do nothing the whole day? Why can I not talk to the people I don't want to talk? Why can I not do the things I hate on following up? Why can't I be together with my friends and love ones, not stuck here and feel so lonely?
(my symptoms of needing vacation)


Friday, April 25, 2008

Bed room

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Taxi Drivers in Abu Dhabi

There are 3 main type of taxis in this town:
1. the cheapest taxi - usually in white cars with green and gold lining at the back of the cars. This taxis own by individuals and they hire drivers to operate the taxis. The meter start at 2.00 dhs and will increase ~ 1.5 every kms
2. Moderate - nicer taxi - several taxi companies, such: National Taxi, AD Transport, and some other. Variety in car colors, but normally in creme-whiteish cars with yellow lamp on top of cars. The meter starts at 2.5 or 3.5 dhs.
3. The limousine - this cars can be booked and the trip will be more costly compare to other 2 taxis. The meter will start at 10.00 dhs.
In particular, the cheapest taxis - since they are owned by individuals, there is no standard and no complaint can be made to. The drivers are mainly come from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh..Despite the particular origins they are from, the drivers are notorious of some funny, unbelievable acts. AD streets with no numbering system makes it even worse, since sometimes they hardly speak English:
- One time I took a taxi to client office, I mentioned "ZADCO".. then He dropped me at the back of the office, which means that i have either go through parking lots to reach the lobby or walk around the block to reach the front door. So I asked him to turn aroudn and get me to the front side of the building. But no, he persistently stop the car and wait for me to pay and go out. "It's far to go to front of the building, you stop here" (Of course he didn't say that.. but that's what he want to say if he can, bet me!)
- It was weekend, Friday, afternoon. It was a bit difficult to get taxi this time, since the whole town are still sleeping. I wait for 15-min and luckily one taxi pass by. So I jumped in and mentioned Marina Mall - One among 3 big malls in AD. He was confused, so I added: "corniche", still he mentioned some words and at teh end he said "I don't know" and stop the car again. Gosh!... He's a taxi driver in this not so big town and don't now one of the biggest mall in town???
- Do not ever say "near" - some famous place. They just don't get the concept that maybe the destination place is not actually the famous landmarks or places.. but somewhere nearby.
- The best story was when the driver bargained me (in my other blog). I just still feel this is funny, but dare not to happen for the 2nd time!

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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Week 28 Mar Highlight

2 continuos days of walking and walking
- Friday: went to Mina Center, walked around 3.5 hours to snap some pictures of the boat dock
- Saturday: went to walk around the "White Fort" or Qasr Al Hosn and Cultural Foundation.

Quite a quiet weekend (and the hot one, literally!)


FOCUS!!!.. so difficult..

My attention span is no longer than a 5 years old kid.

I can't ever do a single task until it finish and then do another task, undistracted, continously.
So, the freedom to browse internet (update my blog is one of the example), is a great relief for me. During teh task, I will need to frequently check the mail, check teh Travbud, update my blog, check facebook and friendster, read imdb, and oh ya.. one mail comes in, so I need to re-check my mail:).

I reallyw ant to try to be focused and not getting distracted... but hell.. it is just so difficult and seems impossible.


Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I never knew before that I am actually so devoted to my work.

Worklife is sometimes busy as hell, as you need hour 25th, as you need 8th day in a week, as you are willing to kill somebody just to get a few minutes off the load, as you want to jump out of your desk every weekend night and run to the nearest bar to get drunk. But sometimes also, the work is really nothing to do, just go to office because your boss does also, just browsing the web and update our blogs.

Actually this is not something new for me, but I didn't realize when I was back in Indonesia, because there were so many other things to do and to think.

But after I moved to AD, being a small location, sometimes there is nothing going on at all (or maybe there is, but not my concerns:p), so I spent 2 days of this week doing almost nothing - took a long lunch with a girl from office, smoking break, again, long lunch and chat, walk around the block (and enter a clothes shop after that:p). Tried and tried to upload the pictures (most of the time didn't work), chat via messenger.

Well, I still thought that I was just fine, until last night I had a nightmare that my job are all screwed up and I got fired, I couldn't recollect the details.

Was that because doing nothing at work disturb my conscience? Or was it merely because the Philippines food I ate for dinner that evening? I am not sure which one:)