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Friday, December 29, 2006

Good movies brighten my day

The sentence is correct..
I love movies.. especially good ones.

1. It will open your mind of things that you've never ever think before..
2. It makes believe for the unexpected and unordinary events
3. It is very useful for you to be just lazy.. laying on the couch the entire days with the remote on your hands.
4. It will make you open the search engine and browse all facts and non-facts about it.. be it the actors, story, directors..
5. It will lead you to your biggest crush in your lifetime to the actors or the characters (hey.. some of them went to stalking or killing for real)
6. It make you cry, laugh and curse (one after the other)
7. In a way it is a new way of colonialization, brain-washing, wrong perception, personal agenda, history facts..and also education.
8. Love it.. love it and love it..