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Friday, December 21, 2007

Meaning of Name

I am always very curious about names and the meaning of them. Whenever I chitchatting with a friend, one question that always popped up is about name, either his/her own or their kids.
Once when I was a kid I read Agatha Christie's novel which are so english and one thing I remember from one of the book was that certain names has a certain significant, such as a cheerful, light hearted young girl (pictured with fair skin and blond hair), should be named as Jenny, or a plump lady should have name as Doris, etc.
This has brought my interest to name.
Why our parents name us, if there is any reason to. Or if they just pick it out of nowhere, why.. because of the nice pronounciation, the interesting syllables? Or just want to be eccentric (such as several celebrities who named their son "anak pertama" (meaning: first son).
So, today, as I didn't have anything much to do (just fill the obligation to go to the office on a "pinched day" (piched-day: harpitnas - an Indonesia's thingy which i will tell you separately). I browsed about the meaning of names and looking for the meaning of my name
Origin: Latin
Meaning: Free
Hmm...This is beautiful and I do really like the meaning.
My parents, who were (I am 100% sure) that didn't know the meaning and gave my this name just because as it is, turned out that this name has a nice meaning.
Find yours and love it!


New Year 2008..!

To All my friends who sent me best wishes for 2007... I did screw it all.

So for this 2008, please send me money, food or alcohol instead:)

Happy 2008 to come!



friends who fill spaces in your heart

Of all the expressions and idioms about friends, what they are for, why can they be called friend.. all honey bunny sweety lollipop nice things..Honestly, never really stuck to my mind.
Just today I realized that, hey.. some of them it is true!
When encountering to an old friend and have a quick breakfast together, updating about each other, nothing hidden, no lies, no akward feeling to tell the stories...

It was refreshing!

I have been working in Jakarta these past few weeks and got a chance to actually buzz and see my old friends who usually appear online in the messenger, ut never really chat with.
There is a girl, nice, warm and friendly. After our last meet up, she has a lot of things in her life-- marriage, baby born, raising a kid and now, changing job... to many things if I were in her position.

So, cut teh story short, we plan to meet again, but due to this and that we finally met today for breakfast.
In Sentra Mulia, where I work, there is a small road beside the building and lots of hawkers on the muddy road. We ordered gado-gado and ketoprak and eat in the middle of dust and flies, and chat and chat and chat.
She told me the stories about her resignation and family and I told her my plans.

Just a short time, but it made my feeling warm after that, of no explainable reason, just maybe.. being refreshed because of an old friend.

Thank you.. and good luck.. for sure, this will not be our last time together!


Thursday, December 06, 2007

Today's Quote

Life is something that happens when you're busy planning another things