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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Pick Up Lines

To satisfy my cheesy sense of humor:

M: "Are you an Interior Decorator?"
W: "No. Why?"
M: "When I saw you enter, the room became beautiful"

M: "Are you religious?"
W: "Yes "

M: "Good, because I'm the answer to your prayers."

M: "Baby, did you fart, Cause you blow me away..."

M: "How is your fever?"
W: "What Fever?"
M: "Oh.. you just look so hot to me..."

M: "Wow! I didn't know that angels could fly so low!"

M: "Can I get a picture of you to prove to my friends that angels doreally exist."

M: "Wow! How did you do that???!!!"
W: "Do what?"
M: "Look so good..."

M: "Hey, I lost my phone number.. can I have yours?"

M: "Hey Laura!! (Big Hug), I haven't seen you FOREVER!!!! (Huge KISS)Wow, you've really have changed!!!
W: "Wait, I'm not Laura.."
M: "What? Oh my god, You even changed your name!!!

M: does it hurt?
W: what?
M: falling from heaven..

M: aren't you tired?
W: what?
M: running around in my mind..

W: Hey...I was wondering why you look different. Can i ask you something?
M: What?
W: What are you made of? Chocolate and cream?

(Just got this from a reality show on TV):
Man and Woman on a date doing some gold mining exercise:
W: Hey!! Found gold here!
M:(stand closer to the woman and hold the hand) Guess what? I found one too...

(hahah... puking..)


Friday, November 02, 2007

Today's Quote

In wine

there is wisdom...

In beer

there is freedom

(Ben Franklin)

(Thanks to Novi:))


Trip to Sikuai Island

As now I have new blogs to describe my travellings in a more focused way.

The story of my weekend gateway to Sikau Island, a small island near to Padang can be read in this link :



Am I yellow?

Exactly a week ago when I have a weird day in the office.
It was started when a colleague was staring at me srangely and greet me " Siska, are you okay?" "Sure I am, just a bit over excersise, why?" "You look too yellow for normal person, pls consider to go to see the doctor".
I was a bit startled with his topic of comment and that was not lasted there, since my boss accidentally passed us and my colleague re-told the comment to my bos and to my surprise that he agreed with that in seconds and insisted me going to the doctor soon.

Well, I was thinking.. now 2 persons gave me similar comment.. so as naturally I was, I visit other colleagues for a cross checking.. and some of them either agreed or didn't notice the difference.

It was abit strange and my excuse was probably I ate too much papaya to cause my skin altered:).

During the weekend, I go for a weekend trip to the island and came back to the office with burnt skin.. so not that yellow any longer:)