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Sunday, June 01, 2008

I don't get it!

Why things are much more complicated than it should be?
Why didn't we prepare in advance?
Why people just like to see other suffers?
Why those jerk dare to say to me " the taxi stops here and you have waited there?"
Why didn't myself dare enough to stop him and take the taxi instead?
Why this day was so freaking hot and yet I have to wander around under the sun and waiting for the stupid taxis?
Why was my hair as usual, messy and bad looking?
Why was my foot sweating too much inside the boots (which was the only comfy shoes I have - so that I have to wear it, even during the summer?)
Why didn't people understand what misery has other gone through before ranting them shits?
Why the formalities seems so complicated that it can beat the top secret things?
Why people just don't have any sense to understand and help?

Why was I so cranky today?



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