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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Love Life ain't Love Story

A sad thing happened to a friend of mine, just showed me that real love life is not what is it described in the movies.

In the movies.. everything went so perfect, they're meant to be together.

But in real life.. hard work is needed to make the relationship works. That's why I strongly disagree the term that one person is meant for another. It is not true.. each party has to do some extend of work if they want to maintain the relationship. There will always be some gravels, stones, slopes down and turning around, and even going no-where. The relationship is there because the person involved in it want it to go.

So when I whined to my friend that I do want some cheesy romatic scenes..those which are sweet and hearts-melting.."like the ones in the movies", she simply replied back to me.."darling.. those romantic movies... you should watch till the end..after the credit title.. everything bad will be revealed".

So, yeap, having somebody for you is not how you change that person to be as you wish..but to adapt yourself and your other-half to be 1 full-better-person.

Switch off the movie and enjoy your real love life with all the shitty parts!



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