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Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I never knew before that I am actually so devoted to my work.

Worklife is sometimes busy as hell, as you need hour 25th, as you need 8th day in a week, as you are willing to kill somebody just to get a few minutes off the load, as you want to jump out of your desk every weekend night and run to the nearest bar to get drunk. But sometimes also, the work is really nothing to do, just go to office because your boss does also, just browsing the web and update our blogs.

Actually this is not something new for me, but I didn't realize when I was back in Indonesia, because there were so many other things to do and to think.

But after I moved to AD, being a small location, sometimes there is nothing going on at all (or maybe there is, but not my concerns:p), so I spent 2 days of this week doing almost nothing - took a long lunch with a girl from office, smoking break, again, long lunch and chat, walk around the block (and enter a clothes shop after that:p). Tried and tried to upload the pictures (most of the time didn't work), chat via messenger.

Well, I still thought that I was just fine, until last night I had a nightmare that my job are all screwed up and I got fired, I couldn't recollect the details.

Was that because doing nothing at work disturb my conscience? Or was it merely because the Philippines food I ate for dinner that evening? I am not sure which one:)



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