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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Shut Up, NOW!

I wish I am able to shut my mouth up at the right time
I wish my brain thinks before my mouth speaks
I wish I can stop the time – halt it and let it tick again after I find good and proper thing to answer back
I wish my eloquence is much better than what I have now
I wish I still be able to answer properly even if I am very very distracted
I wish if I laugh it won’t make me less alert to find something proper to response back
I wish I don’t curse this much
I wish I can stay positive 100% 24/7
I wish the part inside my brain which controls my speech does its work much better
I wish people get the right thing what I want to say when I say wrong things which I don’t intend to and get the right thing what I want to say when I say right as well!

-clumsy girl-

who, unintentionally cursed in front of her new boss' boss



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