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Monday, February 05, 2007

Something new

It is a new place, new assignment, new geographical location, new job, new environment, new friends, new activities, new hang out places, new moments, new challenges, new temptations, new enemies.. for me. I’ve been transferred to Pekanbaru, a small-oil town in Sumatera.. one big island in Indonesia. As the nature of my job which cause I am being transferred from one place to another every 2-3 years.
After spending 2.5 years in Balikpapan.. then PKU.. here I come.

Facing a bit hard time in Jakarta, due to flood and traffic jam.. very severe one.. I manage to reach the airport and fly to PKU. It’s good for me that I already have several friends.. that I know here.. who can chat and go out to have dinner together.

But I have to admit that deep down inside I am a bit worry and uneasy of this new thing.

Since tomorrow I will only meet and face the real devil… then.. only tomorrow as well I can start to decide which way I want to handle and enjoy this ride.

As one of my cousin declared.. that for me.. my motto is “ don’t worry.. I will survive..”
So.. that more-to-gibberish- words.. I believe in.. which I will take to do each steps of my life…

So.. Here I am..Life.. kindly teach me the way which is the best for me.