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Friday, August 25, 2006

I did it.. (once)

Jakarta's control is over.

For my job, each of us are expected to have a project, do it and wrap it in a nice presentation to be presented in front of all big managers. Much more than that, we have to understand and grasp the big picture of all elements in the bussiness.

My tiring days and nights of reading, remembering, downloading, practising presentation, understanding all concepts and numbers of finance, QHSE, marketing, personnel, management and project.

On 24-Aug-06, the first session was meeting for management interview with the big boss of Indonesia. It went nice and interesting.

When he asked me at the first time of "how are you?" I answered.. "not very fine"
"why?"... "My heart beats so fast.. and it pumps adrenalin faster, but at the same time it will decrease my life by 10 minutes:p.."

The next 30 monites I sat down with Personnel Manager, it went sharp and quick, no time wasted for small talks.

Then QHSE, which was the toughest part in my opinion, mostly because I can't remember words by words.. of what is the definition of policy, standard, what is the difference between inspection, assesment and audit..

well, to be honest I don't care.. but c'est la vie.. I can just walk out and say that I don't want to go through this process.. finite...
But no, I didn't take that option, still too early for me.

Finance was just short and nice:)

Then came the presentation session. I was so nervous.. how if they find the project is to shallow, how if I lost the words and didn't know what to say. How if they asked difficult question which I don't know what the answer is. How if.. How if..

But it turned that actually, they were nice:).. with one guy that kind of "trying to push me by saying that this is not a project for me".. but I sense that he didn't really mean it.

Well, it went more than I expected a good way.

I thank God for that.. and also thank for all the support and words i got from everybody..

Yes I am glad.. yes I feel relieved.. but this is not the end yet.. so Dubai, here I come!


Monday, August 14, 2006

Big Fiesta!

Last week was really.. really fabulous!!

It was started from Saturday... the morning I run as usual, with the group..
finished at 7 am, and then Sabrina has the idea to go directly to the pool and prepared some coffee and pancakes:)

So it was that.. we went to swim (wow.. it was freezing..but managed to swim and refreshed myself).. then the pancakes come with maple syrup.
The brownish-soft pancakes...went very well along with the black coffee and dark chocolate that was dipped into the coffe first before put in the mouth.

The second part was the luch at PMC No3: with main course: pork ribs with saltened cabagge, eaten with smashed green chilli and salted soya sauce.

And guess what was there for dinner? : Another version of pork ribs soup, this time was a slightly lighter version, accompanied by fried-pomfret and was poured with a fried-garlic + soya sauce and hot oil.. (who cares of the fat and cholesterol at this moment?:) )

The next day: we went to the traditional market to prepare for the lunch - a set off party for a colleague that will go back to their home country - iran.

The menu was:
- boiled clams and put in satay-stick
- deliciously marinated and then grilled lamb-chop
- grilled baby garoupa and snappers and squid
- heavenly rice and bulgur salad with chopped tomato, tuna and olives.
- tomato + red onion salads (attention: I made it)
- rujak (Indonesian fruit salad with hot peanut sauce)
- young coconut ice (purely coconut water and plus some lime juice)
- red wine (cabernet sauvignon)
- heineken and fruit juice
- cassava chips (I tried my best to keep the chips still within my eye sight.. but it was damn hard!).

After workinga nd eating since the morning, I felt really really at 4 30 pm decided just to to back to swim ( the party was held at the pool side).

It finished around 5 pm and by 5 30 i was in the pool (again) this time was for gossiping and girls talk:p

This morning, got a call from my "foster parents", that they are taking their kid to first-day school.. so I went and already said it loud ..".. but I'm not gonna eat again.."

A-nice school, with lots of books and toys:) (If this is the case, I don't mind to come back to my 3rd grade..:))

After that..
They stopped to Bakso.. can't resist to say yes:( and we ate gladly there:).
Well, tell me who can resist the hot-sweet-spicy-meaty-tangy soup with the meatballs.. oh yes, never forget the fried-wontoon and dipped in the sauce.

After bakso they stopped at another store and bought some chinese buns, and again can't resist to try one.

A hot-steamed-soft bun with some red-bean filling inside.. when I ate that .. oh gosh.. I am wondering why they don't put this as one of wonders-of the world:)

Well I am afraid that I will not end now.. since tomorrow we will throw a bachelorette party for a friend who will going to get married next week..
and I am not patient to see what will be the "main-act" in the party? The hints are: all girls, late at night, dress code: sexy and red and white.


Friday, August 11, 2006


These days are boring..
Everyday in the office, takes at least 1/2 of my 24-hours in a day.
Everyday have to browse and read and read and read more..

My head is going to exploded, my brain freezes, I just want to throw up, I want to stop, but can't.

Feel tired and fed up..
When will it last?


Saturday, August 05, 2006

Exercise is GOOD

Exercise has taken quite a big part of my time now.

Since the first time here, I was trying to have it on regular basis, sometimes it worked.. but more time it didn't.

So, the last 4 - 5 months, I managed to have it more often and regular, since I have a stable group of friends who have similar interest.

Every saturday 6 o'clock in the morning (yes.. I've been hearing that quite a lot that I am crazy to wake up early morning on weekend just to run), we run to hills, green fields and small forrest.
And I can tell that it was amazing (well, not really, during the session itself) and the result after that is I will have an excuse to eat more:)

I do swimming at least once a week, usually because I came back home very late during week days, I can only do swimming on sunday evening...
which brings a good and sleepy feeling on sunday nite to prepare for the monday - blue..

Then tennis, lately I start to play it again.. well, can't say that I am good at it.. but just trying to hit back every balls coming:)

Squash.. haven't played it for quite sometimes, since I don't have my own racket.. but plan to re do it sometime later.

I love them..
I love the nice and comfortable - tiring feeling afterwards.
I love since I have an excuse to eat more
I love since it can distract me a bit from the work and join a new and different groups of people as well.

I hope I can still keep doing this reqularly.