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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Bahasa Indonesiaku jelek????

Cerita bermula saat aku dan Pom, a thai girl were in the same car to town.

Aku sama Pom sibuk ngobrol panjang lebar...
dan tau2 dia dapat telp.. dan sibuklah dia ngomong di telpon.

Tau2 drivernya nanyain: "Mbak.. satu suku sama dia yah? (nunjuk Pom)
aku jawab: :Jelas bukan lah pak.. dia thailand saya indonesia"

"Masa sih mba?.. engga mungkin ah mba orang indonesia?"
"hah? kok gak mungkin gimana pak?"

"habis bahasa indonesianya mba jelek..." (???????!!!!!!!!!)

sial deh... masa sih sejelek itu yah bahasa indonesia ku?
well, emang sih di sekolah dulu nilaiku engga pernah bisa bagus.. regardless of whatever I do to improve that (termasuk nyontek;p)..

cuman...masa sih se-obvious itu?

yah.. everybody has the right to have her own flaws kan?:p



Talking about ghost is something a bit inordinary topic to be chatted in the morning.. with somebody that is not really included in your peer and during a short trip to the office.

But that what had happened this morning.. I went to the office and together with an Ops Man from another segment.
We started to talk about ghost:
Ops Man (P): In here does ghost become the popular subject?
Siska (S): yes.. mostly the shrink.. and how they did something bad for another person..
P: ok.. that kind of things.. whereas in western, it is more popular about ghost stories, haunted places, urban legend.. things like that.
S: yes.. they are wellknown also here. Shortly.. ghost topic is popular in Indonesia. We even have a TV series about how they called the spirits, ghost and put it in a bottle.
P: As far as I know the only spirits in bottles are vodka, cognac and their friends (laughing..)

After the conversation, my mind was still wandering about the topic: Ghost.. like it or not, it is one of the popular topics discussed, argued, allied or assumed.. when I opened yahoo search engine and type "ghost" within 0.12 sec thera are 112 million topics come up, not including the varieties of other forms of ghosts: devil, spirits, haunted places, mysterious appearance, unexplainable events, x-factors.

And I wouldn't deny also if I tought about it quite often. Especially after watching a horror movie, alone, dark, in my room...Then I kept rememberin how they told me that my room.. "something" is here, located in the corner of my living room.

When my friend came from Jakarta, he went to see me at my place, and when he left my place.. the next day he told me that he felt something right after he entered the room.

Maybe related to my shallow faith, but I truly believed that there is someother form of living outside our world.
The universe is extensive, so what strained God to create other system of living?What made Him stopped after he created Adam and Eve?

Maybe I am totally wrong.. but until now there is also no exact answer to be against of my assumption.

So let it be.. let me and my companion still as it is.. it won't disturb me as long as I won't disturb it either..

But still I keep searching horror movies in DVD seller and for dunno-how many times- also put it back again, since I am not sure whether I am dare enough to watch it in my room.