Siska's rants.. and some other things

A lot of new things happen in my life and surround I decide to write everything comes up in my mind, to remind me again of all the silly and interesting bits and pieces...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The story so far..

1. My 6th month in Pekanbaru
2. Start to accept the fate that I have to spend some of my life-time here.
3. Been trying to join hash run every Sunday, treadmill run, squash (with high schoolers), futsal (for independence day celebration), badminton (my 2nd prize from a sport competition, after a bright-yellow towel which I got from 5-km run during my high school time) and table tennis (altough I am still playing it as if the net is 2-km high)
4. My honey moon phase at work is over, so I start getting my real-ups and downs (which sucks, actually)
5. My addiction to dvds and TV-series,... supernatural, smallville, how I met your mother, heroes, desperate housewives (need to re-check my eyes)
6. My addiction (or better said as "special interest") to alcohol .. particularly wine and beer.
7. Quite proud to myself of knowing various places to eat out in this town.
8. Need to re-focus on my travelling plan (c-mon.. end-of-year is near!!)
9. More and more people start to notice that i have white hair :( (have to run to the salon to dye it red this weekend)
10. Been a bit dissapointed with my medical check up result. (For a perfect record of exercising, I should've got better health record)
11. Getting more and more... "don't need to know, don't care.." behaviour (deep down inside, still trying to deny this symptom and alter it as "ready to be a manager-attitude":p)

So.. still I can't really tell whether this year can be considered as an achievement for me.