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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Another night

Just another day of work..

Arrived 07 00 at the office.. took walk around.. pretend to be busy with the computer.. meet some people and ask for the job.. and try to be busy again with the computer.

After lunch.. there was a call for the job, finally.
Then, arrived at the site and found out that there was no job have to wait inside the trailler for several hours.. until the daylight has gone.. and the mosquitos started to attack.

When it was completely dark.. I notice that the stars were so bright and the sky is full of them.

No food, no light, no companion and absolutely nothing to do.

Fortunately, my colleague picked me up and another 30 min trip to the base.

And here I am, at the base, killing the time in the middle of starvation and sleepiness.. waiting for tha car to drive me home..

before, tomorrow another same routine starts again.



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